5 Essential Reasons Millennials Benefit From A Smart Home

Our Real Estate Agents in Coto De Caza are finding that rising home prices and interest rates across the nation, not to mention record high amounts of student debt, have turned millennial homebuyers into savvier shoppers who want to get the best bang for their buck when it comes to their homes.

Not only that, but millennials have different priorities than their parents did when it comes to buying a home. Research shows that the average millennial wants a home with features such as modern appliances, green technology, and the opportunity to individualize their homes.

With that in mind, smart home technology is a smart choice for millennials who are in the market for a home. Here are five exceptional ways millennials would benefit from a smart home.

The Smartest Home Technology

Realtors will always tell you we’re surrounded by the latest and greatest in smart technology, so it only makes sense that our homes are smart, too. Smart homes take advantage of the most modern technology to automate your home.

Smart home automation transforms your home into a comprehensive system that all works together to make your home a more comfortable, convenient place to live.

Whether you want to turn on your lights while you’re not home, check your video doorbell camera feed to see who’s at your front door, or adjust your home’s temperature without getting out of bed, smart home technology can make all that happen.

Flexibility For On-the-Go

A smart home lets you access your home regardless of where you go. With a Smart Home app, you can remotely control your smart home from your smartphone, giving you an opportunity to:

  • view security and doorbell camera feeds.
  • turn your lighting on and off.
  • lock and unlock your doors.
  • adjust your temperature settings.

Additionally, you can also use the app to set custom rules and notifications, such as automatically locking your doors or arming the security system at a specific time.

Energy Savings To Help You Go Green

Saving energy and money is crucial to millennials, and a smart home can help you do both.

Smart Thermostats are usually wireless smart thermostats that integrate with the smart home system to learn your temperature preferences and automatically adjust the temperature. Your home stays comfortable, you help the environment by saving energy, and you save money.

Smart lighting also helps you go green. Set custom lighting rules that turn lights on or off as needed, or control your lights with the smart home app.

Smart lighting also uses LED bulbs, which use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, providing significant energy savings.

Integration With Current Technology

You don’t have to spend a good amount of money upfront to buy a smart home system that actually works — a Smart Home system integrates with many smart devices that utilize Z-wave technology that you already have.

For example, popular voice-activated speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo easily integrate with Smart Home, giving you the ability to control smart lights, the thermostat, smart locks, and your security system with your voice.

Worried about getting up from bed to check if you locked the door? Just say, “Alexa. Lock my front door.”

Ability to Personalize

Our Coto De Caza Realtors say you want your home to be as unique as you are. With a Smart Home, you can customize your system so it includes all the features you find important to meet your needs.

As an example, let’s say you want a security system that goes beyond motion sensors and a security panel. You can create a customized security system that includes features you want and need, such as a doorbell camera, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, and smart locks.

Overall, purchasing a home is a BIG investment, and it’s only natural that you want a home that includes all your must-haves. A smart home delivers all the features that are essential to you, so your home becomes everything you want it to be.

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