5 Essential Steps on How to Declutter Your Coto De Caza House for Sale

If you’re thinking about moving, you’ve probably heard the recommendation from Coto De Caza Real Estate Agents and professional home stagers to cut down on clutter to help attract potential home buyers.

It is much simpler for someone new to think about living in your home if they don’t have to seek past crammed corners and closets. We get it! It can be quite overwhelming to think about paring things down.

To ease the stress, here are five critical steps that can assist you in making the process more manageable, efficient and, perhaps even enjoyable. Additionally, simplifying now will make moving that much more effortless.

  1. Begin in small phases & select one area at a time. If you attempt to organize your entire home in a day, you’ll end up fatigued and frustrated. Instead, choose one area to focus on, like your linen closet. Choose whether you want to save, donate or toss your towels, sheets and blankets. You’re building up your minimalizing muscle as you move on to categories with more sentimental value.
  2. Phone a friend/neighbor/ or family member to aid in the declutter. Having a difficult time selecting what should stay and what should you get rid of? Our Coto De Caza Real Estate Agents suggest that you invite someone who can bring some objectivity to the scenario as you sort through your wardrobe. Moreover, be honest about what you wear and what you don’t. You can also deliver your donations to your charity of choice. That will keep you from second-guessing all your hard work.
  3. Our Coto De Caza Real Estate Agents suggest you rent a dumpster. Think about renting a dumpster to assist you as you sort through clutter, from room to room. They’re also handy for disposing of remodeling materials you may have accumulated over the years – things such as old carpets, extra tile, broken items from around the house, etc. Ditch anything that is broken or no longer usable.
  4. Seek out special collection days in your area for electronics, including old computers and video game systems. Our Coto De Caza Realtors recommend you make sure you clean data off of old hard drives and phones prior to disposing of them. Hazardous material collections are an incredible place for old paint, thermometers and other chemicals.
  5. Edit each room from the buyer’s eye. After the hard work of organizing and decluttering room by room, our Coto De Caza Realtors recommend you approach each area from the perspective of a home buyer. Store away Knick knacks, photographs and other items which distract from the space itself. Simple and clean is always best.

These five steps will have you well on your way to a decluttered house that will be more compelling to prospective buyers. Now you’re ready to begin thinking about staging your home.

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