7 Essential Things to Do Prior to Listing Your Home In The Spring

As the snow begins to melt, revealing the brightly colored flowers of crocus, and robins bop merrily around the yard, another cycle of the real estate market starts. If you are thinking of listing the home this year, it’s definitely not too late to get started.

March and April can be great months for placing your house in front of potential buyers, however, the summer months are also great times to market.

Regardless of your timing, there are a few things you have to do right now to start getting ready to list. It is not as simple as sticking a sign in the yard and waiting for the calls to roll up in.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

You never know who’ll feel that special feeling people get when they find the house that is just right for them. However, you can turn the odds in your favor if you and your home are both show ready long before you open to potential buyers.

Before you sell your house, you are likely to want to run through this checklist.

Hire a Realtor. There’s a reason that 91 percent of home sellers used a real estate agent to sell their home at 2017: selling a home is a complicated process that really demands an expert. Just like you’d not attempt to DIY surgery, there are severe financial risks involved with selling your home without an education in real estate law.

In addition to being your safety net, a Realtor can point out items that you might not realize are big turn-offs to buyers, such as dated lighting, so you can get started on the decorative stuff to make your home show at its finest.

Have a home inspection. Wait. Isn’t a home inspection just for purchasing a house? No! You can have a home inspector out any time you want. Having a full blown home inspection before you put your house in the market offers you a chance to correct items that will probably come up for your future buyer when they have their home inspector outside. Get ahead of issues and you’re going to sell that house faster.

Get to decluttering. If you have to sell your home so as to buy the next, you’re going to be living in a showroom for the next few months. Take anything you don’t really need immediately and set it in a storage unit. Get it away from your house because shoving mess around doesn’t really help anything. Declutter as far as you can bear to — it’ll make your house look larger and much more appealing to potential buyers

Paint the front door. Your Realtor will probably drive home the importance of curb appeal, or how enticing your house is from the road (the curb). The better the curb appeal, the more likely potential buyers will encounter inside and look around.

Spruce up the landscaping. Along with dressing the front of your house a little, make sure that your landscaping is up to par.

It is highly advised that you sew any unruly plants, replace perennials that may have patchy growth, refresh your mulch, give the lawn a purge. Now that your landscape is radiating amazing curb appeal, keep it that way until your home closes. If you need to hire a landscaper, consider it an investment.

Get copies of your utility bills. Often times, individuals will ask what kind of utility costs are associated with your home. Does it just burn through the natural gas? Does the electricity use seem excessive? This is another place where you can get ahead of potential buyers by putting this information together and giving it to your Realtor on the day you sign your listing agreement.

Deep clean like you’ve never cleaned before. And maybe you haven’t, we’re not here to judge. Though painting is a quick fix to renewing your home’s interior, deep cleaning is less expensive and can result in a better overall effect. For example, if you clean your windows, indoors and out until they’re super clean, you’ll immediately see how much more natural light penetrates the room.

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