A Better Understanding Of Smart Vents

If it comes to home automation, one of the more popular solutions for consumers is the smart thermostat. These devices can be a great addition to your home, giving you more control on heating and cooling to maintain the house comfortable while keeping your energy costs in check.

Unfortunately, just getting a smart thermostat isn’t going to optimize the heating and cooling of your home.

The Issue With Standard Vents

No matter how smart your thermostat is, you are not going to get much heating and heating throughout your home unless you can control the temperature in each room that the HVAC system connects to.

Some smart thermostats do take this into account, connecting with temperature sensors in each room and adjusting heating or cooling configurations based on the actual temperature across the house, instead of just reading the temperature where the thermostat is located.

This does not exactly solve the problem, however, since the thermostat will simply heat or cool until each room reaches a reasonable temperature. Without the ability to actually control airflow in the different rooms separately, there’s not much more that can be done.

Smart Vents

This is where smart vents come into play. Smart vents allow your home’s heating and cooling system to treat each room as a separate climate zone, granting it a considerably greater amount of control on just how much heat or cool air enters the room. Based on the temperature in each of these climate zones, the smart vents can open wider to allow more air to flow through, or close to slow or stop airflow inside that zone just.

This typically guarantees that no specific area gets too hot or too cold while the thermostat tries to bring everything to an acceptable temperature. Those zones that reach their temperature settings first will simply start to shut off to maintain that temperature, together with the smart vents coming back up if the temperature starts to shift again.

Smart Vents and Smart Thermostats

By installing both smart vents and a smart thermostat, you can take a drastic amount of control over the heating and cooling of your home. The thermostat and its temperature sensors will control the HVAC unit and maximize heating and cooling to keep you comfortable while also saving you money.

The smart vents will make sure that none of that heating and heating is wasted, controlling airflow to the various zones you’ve installed on your house and helping your own body heat and cool both faster and more efficiently. This one-two punch of a heating and cooling solution will finally give you the amount of control that you had hoped for when you first heard of smart thermostats.

Are Smart Vents Suitable for You?

Smart vents are perfect for people who want to automate their heating and cooling and save as much money as possible by maximizing their systems. They can make already-efficient systems much more efficient, and if you have issues with certain parts of your home always seeming a bit warm or somewhat too cool then they may even be able to fix this problem.

With that said, they aren’t for everybody. Those who have very little interest in home automation or who have fairly open floor plans without a major temperature differences in the house won’t find nearly as much of a benefit.

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