A Simple To Do List For Spring Landscapes

As the last winds of winter arrive and the days become a bit longer, it’s time to begin thinking about the spring. Other than cleaning up around the house, there are a handful of landscaping activities that you typically want to do in the springtime. The main question is, where do you begin?

If you’re not sure how to tackle your spring to-do list, here are a few recommendation. These are some of the most notable landscaping tasks that need to be completed once things start to warm up, and finishing them up early can make other landscaping tasks easier as the year goes on. Who knows, taking care of some of these items might even get you motivated to take on a much bigger landscaping project later in the year.

Clean Up That Winter Refuse

The winter can be a bit harsh on your lawn, with clumps of leaves that haven’t quite decayed, sticks and branches that fell in a winter storm, muddy spots where ice formed and thawed and formed again … it can all leave a bit of a mess behind. Spend some time cleaning up the mess left by winter prior to getting into any other tasks and you’ll find that the rest of your spring to-do list will be much simpler.

Prune the Trees and Shrubs

Early spring is a great time to prune most of your trees and shrubs, since it’s prior to them getting into a strong growth period. Early pruning allows you to shape them the way you want them to be and gives you a chance to get rid of unwanted overhangs and encroachment. If you wait until there’s new growth you can actually stunt some of that growth and make it a bit more difficult to control how your trees and shrubs are developing.

Prep Your Lawn

If you want your lawn to look its best, you need to show it some admiration in the spring. Aerate the lawn to help break up soil packed by snow and ice in the winter, detach it to aid it in growing in thicker, and sow some seed to fill in bare spots once it’s warm enough. If your lawn has an uneven surface after the winter, bringing in a roller to go over the lawn wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Clean Up Your Flower Beds

If you’ve got flower beds around your home, their is a high probability that they could use a bit of picking up after the winter. Eliminate all damaged plants, pull any weeds or grass that tried to get established during the winter, and try to tidy up any debris or other crud that might have gotten their way into your beds. You should also pull away the winter mulch surrounding your perennials and divide them to get your beds off to a good start.

Feed and Protect

While you’re working on your lawn and your flower beds, go ahead and take the time to start getting them ready for spring growth.

  • Add new mulch to your beds as needed
  • Give your lawn a nice dose of fertilizer
  • Make sure that all your other plants are similarly fed and protected

Everything’s going to be doing a lot of growing in the coming months, so you want to be certain that they have everything they need.

Plan Your Summer The Right Way

This is also an amazing time to prepare for late spring and summer projects as well. If you’re going to have a garden, take the time to begin prepping it the right way now by tilling the soil, working in compost and starting some of your spring seeds indoors. If you’re going to take on a construction project or add new features to your lawn, you should probably begin clearing the area. The work you put in now will make things so much simpler later in the year.

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