Best Repairs to Take On Prior To Listing Your Home

When you put your home on the market, you obviously want to get as much as you can for the property. A lot of things can affect your home’s value, including many things that are largely out of your control.

That’s not saying that you can’t do anything to bring the value up before listing your home, however. In fact, there are some things that you absolutely need to do before you even think about sticking that “For Sale” sign in the yard.

Based on what city, county and state your home is in, there may be code requirements you want to address before you’re allowed to list or sell your property. On top of that, however, here are five fixes that you can make to help get the most from your home when you sell.

Water Stains

If you’ve got water stains on the ceiling or walls, they tell potential buyers that there are leaks somewhere. It is possible that you already took care of the leak, but a buyer isn’t going to know that, and will likely assume that there’s still a nasty surprise waiting for them somewhere. You have to track down the leak and repair it, but after that’s done you need to do something about the water stain as well. Don’t just slap a thin coat of paint on them and call it a day, either; take the time to do it correctly so that the stains don’t reappear.

Slow Drains

If you have slow drains in your home, this can be a large red flag for some home buyers. They may ask about the plumbing, or want to run more water to find out what the water pressure and drains are like everywhere else.

To head off potential problems it is important to do your best to take care of the issue. In many cases it is a relatively easy fix, though there are some causes of slow drains that will take a plumber to straighten out. Nonetheless, the effort you put into it today can lead to a higher selling price once someone buys the house.

Switches and Outlets

People don’t want to buy houses that have electrical problems. If your switches or sockets look discolored or beaten up, this can lead people to assume that there are problems if there aren’t. Take the time to replace any damaged, discolored or malfunctioning switches and outlets, along with any non-working fixtures or”mystery switches” that you may have around the house. Even if it’s not a massive job, it can have a major impact on potential buyers view your home.

Trip Hazards

Are there any loose pieces of carpet or wood on your floor that you’ve learned to just step around? Fix them before you have people in to look at the house. You might have gotten used to them, but a potential buyer won’t be. They’ll observe potential tripping hazards as something they’ll have to fix, and they’ll negotiate the price down as a result.

Walls and Ceilings

Are your walls drab, dull and damaged? Take the opportunity to fix any holes or dings before you list the house. A little bit of drywall repair can go a long way, and this can be a perfect time to update the look of your rooms with a fresh coat of paint as well. Don’t overlook the ceiling either, because those issues that you’ve learned to overlook will stick out like a sore thumb to potential buyers.

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