Energy Efficiency


What You Need To Know About Smart Windows

Everything is getting smarter these days. Not only are smart appliances, smart outlets, smart light bulbs and smart TVs gaining traction, smart windows are also in high demand among the tech savvy types. They can also be a really useful part of your home automation setup.  Now they’re not for everybody and there are differences in what various types can

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Interest in solar energy is growing as more and more homeowners, as well as businesses, are taking long, serious looks at this alternative source of power. As with any new technology, however, there are potential problems. For example, the sun’s rays must reach the solar collectors in order to produce energy from either active or passive systems. If the sun

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Buying your dream home? Don’t do this!

Purchasing a home is a huge purchase, most likely the largest you will make during your lifetime. Avoid self-sabotaging and ensure your journey to home ownership goes smoothly every step of the way. Here are three things you’ll want to avoid: For Sale by Owner Trying to sell your home by yourself is sheer madness. Your real estate agent will

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Energy Efficient Upgrades

Photo via Shutterstock.com It just may be time to upgrade your home to a more energy efficient flow. As we head into 2017, you are in luck as it might just have become less expensive to do so. For years California has seen an increase in energy efficient upgrades as homeowners have tied them to property tax bills. Fannie Mae’s

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