High End Luxury Garages: Feeling Classy The Moment You Arrive Home

Most Coto De Caza Realtors will tell you that owning a luxury home means surrounding yourself with the finer things in life. The latest sophisticated home tech, a wine cellar, home theatre, an opulent kitchen, and a grand entryway are just a few must-have features most luxury homeowners desire.

A lavish home isn’t fully living up to its high design and amenities standards if its garage space is lacking love.

Luxury Garages: The Natural Next Home Renovation Step

Many of our agents are finding luxury garages are the natural next renovation step to take for owners of expensive homes who want to fully complete their property’s upscale appearance.

After all, what better way is there to complement the refined, polished attributes of their luxurious home and premium vehicles than with a state of the art garage space?

The Garage Living Experience

Unfinished garage has an abundance of design potential. It takes a trusted garage professional to truly realize that potential by applying their considerable expertise and inspired creativity towards a makeover project.

High Standards Are Paramount

From the initial in-home design consultation right through to the project installation by skilled professionals, high standards are always crucial.

No project’s detail is too small to be obsessed over. Regular communication with the client throughout the makeover process is considered vital. Simply put, creating luxury garages and striving for the highest standards possible go hand in hand.

Feel Luxury The Moment You Arrive Home

Today garages should no longer be treated as an afterthought when it comes to home design. The garage is every bit as deserving as bathrooms or kitchens when it comes to creating a home space with premium aesthetics, supreme comfort, and a high level of functionality.

Being that a handful of homeowners now use the garage as their home’s main entry and exit point, its pivotal role has never been more appreciated and valued.

High-End Storage Solutions For Luxury Garages

An essential key element in the design of luxury garages is using effective and visually appealing garage organization and storage solutions.

Custom-fit storage cabinetry give a garage a stylish, high-end appearance, in keeping with the rest of a luxury home’s clean aesthetic.

In addition, our Coto De Caza Realtors say slatwall storage and specialty storage racks also help to preserve a luxury garage’s pristine visuals. These storage systems project a completely modern look and make it easier for homeowners to keep their space clean and tidy.

Beautiful Garage Flooring

Stunning luxury garages start from the floor up. A premium floor coating instantly changes the look and feel of any garage. For a garage to truly be described as “luxury”, a first-rate flooring surface is an absolute essential.

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