Home Showing Tips That’ll Easily Convince Buyers to Take Action

Most Real Estate Agents will tell you that showing your house is the most thrilling part of selling a home, but let’s face it: It takes a lot of work to get there. Once you’ve made repairs, chosen an experienced Realtor, and selected an asking price, your home is almost ready to be put out on the market.

Showing Tips For a Big Sale

You do want your home to make a great first impression on buyers correct? That’s where an experienced and reputable real estate agent can help.

To show your home in the best possible light, consider these savvy seller tips from our agents.

Hide Your Stuff

When you’re just living in your home, a bit of clutter is common.

You know the routine: video game cartridges in the bathroom, toolbox in the kitchen, tuxedo shirt inexplicably in the garage. But when you’re attempting to sell, all this disorder can be deadly. That’s because clutter can make even spacious homes look cramped and dirty, distracting from substantial assets.

One way to help declutter your belongings is to go room by room, boxing up anything you haven’t used or worn in at least six months. You’ll probably be surprised by the stuff you won’t miss.

Our Realtors say that one area where you’ll want to be pay extra attention is your kitchen counter:

Try to remove everything but your coffee maker, so people will think, Wow, such a huge kitchen!” And to allow home buyers to really visualize themselves living there, you’ll also want to pack up personal items such as the framed photos, report cards on the fridge, etc.

But don’t just hide those things in the closet. Closets most of the time end up being the main place to store all the clutter that was in plain sight; which is never a good thing, because closet space is a pivotal buying consideration. You want potential owners to be able to see the true amount of space in each closet.

Instead, our realtors suggest that you try and stack boxes neatly in the attic, basement, or, best of all, a storage facility— the perceived extra space you add to your home could be worth the cost and then some.

Properly Stage It To Sell

These days, home staging is all the rage: On average, staged homes sell 88% faster and for a whopping 20% more than ones where home sellers just kept their furnishings in place. And while you can hire a professional stager, you can also cop a few of their tricks for free.

For instance, our Real Estate Agents say that hanging curtain rods higher can give the illusion of taller ceilings. Well-placed mirrors can make rooms appear bigger and brighter. Want to go the extra step? Paint your walls white, layer in neutrals, then add pops of color with pillows or a cashmere throw on the couch for a cozy glow.

Our Realtors always think to move the furniture toward the walls to make it feel like there is more space. Push furniture out and away from each other to open up floor space, but be careful to keep window space clear. Conceal flaws whenever possible; if the view out a window isn’t great, put up sheer curtains so the light comes in but the scenery stays hidden.

As with all your possessions, think less is more, although stagers do sometimes strategically add furniture (such as a cozy reading chair in a bedroom corner) to give the illusion of more space.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Finally, it is time to take a good look at the outside of your house. After all, that’s the first thing buyers will see when they pull up, so you’ve got to work that curb appeal hard.

For starters, take a good hard look at the paint. If it’s looking dull or dingy, try power washing first. You can rent a power washer from most home improvement stores; a good wash can take off layers of dirt that make your home look shabby. At the very least, slapping a coat of paint on your front door will give you the most bang for your buck—because that’s what buyers will see up close before they even knock. It’s ALL about first impressions.

Paint aside, your yard also needs to be put in check. Most experienced Realtors will tell you that overgrown trees can make a home seem dark and creepy. If your trees are touching any part of your house, you should attempt to scale them back. If your front lawn is lacking in shrubs and flowers, go and add some.

Even in the winter, you can find hardy plants such as evergreen boxwoods and holly bushes. Also make sure your lawn is mowed, and if you have a pool that’s open, keep it looking nice and clean.

Unfortunately, a dirty pool will remind potential buyers how much upkeep there is, even if they asked for a pool. Once you’ve gotten your home looking fantastic, both inside and out, it’s time to break out your camera and spread the news that it’s up for grabs!

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