How To Properly Stage A Bedroom for Sale

Whether you’re in a 1-bedroom city apartment or a 5-bedroom suburban house, getting your bedrooms in order before listing is a necessity. There are no rules about how to decorate your bedroom to sell a house for top dollar, but the consensus among designers is that cleanliness and a neutral design are the most important.

Read on for specific tips for staging bedrooms to market a house.

Bedroom staging tips

No matter the size of the bedroom, your first step is decluttering, depersonalizing and cleaning. And while it may look like a lot of upfront work, decluttering now means easier packing and moving once the home sells.

Pare down closets

Sort items in bedroom cabinets based on your emotional attachment to them, particularly clothes. Keep only the items that”spark joy.” If you are not ready to part with sentimental items, place them in storage or tuck them away in neatly organized bins.


Buyers want to envision themselves and their families residing in the home, so remove personal items like family photos and keepsakes. Replace framed family photos with something more generic, such as landscape or architecture images.

It’s also important to eliminate named decor, like taking kids’ names off the wall and removing monogrammed pillows or towels.

Clean thoroughly

You’re still living in the home, so perfection is unlikely, but bedrooms should look as much like a wonderful hotel room as you can. If you already vacated the home, stop by regularly to stay on top of dust and dirt.

Here’s a cleaning checklist:

  • Vacuum carpets and floors.
  • Mop (if you don’t have wall-to-wall carpet).
  • Dust baseboards, molding, door trim, ceiling fans and lighting.
  • Wipe down furniture with a wood-safe cleaner.

Hire a professional to clean windows on the exterior, and clean the insides yourself.

How to stage a master bedroom

Staging a master bedroom can have a big impact, so it’s a fantastic place to start. The buyer will be the one using the master bedroom, so impressing them is crucial.

Use a neutral color scheme

Master bedrooms should appeal to buyers of all genders and ages, as you never know who will become your buyer. Overly feminine or masculine decor, or design that speaks to a very specific aesthetic, can deter buyers who can’t see past it.

Stick to neutral colors like grays, light beiges or whites, and warm things up with accessories such as pillows and blankets. Add pops of color with greenery, vases, frames or unlit candles. When in doubt, blue makes a great accent color, because it’s soothing and reminiscent of the ocean or a clear blue sky.

Tips for staging a mattress

To make a master bedroom feel complete and polished, it’s important to have a headboard, not just a mattress on a metal frame. You can purchase an inexpensive headboard from a local retailer, buy one secondhand or create a headboard as a DIY project.

Linens make your master bedroom feel warm and welcoming. Use crisp white bedding to give the feel of a luxury resort. If you purchase it new, you can take it to your new home. Make the bed properly with hospital corners, a neat bedspread or duvet, and accent throw pillows.

How to stage a bedroom dresser

Unlike a closet or other built-in storage space, buyers aren’t likely to look inside your dresser, since it is not included in the sale. But decorate the top of the dresser to add to the overall design of the room.

Use the rule of threes — arranging accessories in odd numbers, which is pleasing to the eye. Options consist of unlit candles, an empty jewelry box, succulents, a table lamp, books, small frames or fresh flowers.

How to stage a nightstand

Ideally, your master bedroom has sufficient space to fit a nightstand on each side of the bed. If there’s only space for one, that’s fine too. Just make sure to stage either way.

Opt for bedtime-ready items such as a neat stack of books, then accessorize with flowers or a framed photo. Store personal items like glasses, medications, CPAP machines, water glasses or retainers. You’ll also want to remove your alarm clock.

Staging a master closet 101

Regardless of the closet’s size, it is important that it seems spacious, so it should only be about half full. You don’t want buyers to open your closet door and see every square inch crammed full — they’ll believe the home is short on storage space.

In addition to paring back on belongings, here are a few other things you can do to stage your master closet.

Invest in organizers

A walk-in closet is wasted space without a closet organizer, and walk-in closets are a major plus. At the very least, a large closet must have double sticks to make the most of the space. Hang clothes side by side on matching hangers, and remove hangers. Use shelf space for nicely folded T-shirts and sweaters.

Sort by category

Group all hanging and folded items by category — tops, pants, sweaters, etc.. If you want to go even further, group items by color, within category.

Clear the hamper

An overflowing hamper is the ultimate closet-staging faux pas. While your home is on the market, expect to do laundry more often than usual and put it away as soon as it is clean and dry. If you can’t maintain the laundry pile under control, opt for a hamper with a cover or lid.

Provide ample light

If you’re fortunate enough to have a window in the closet, make sure it’s clean with open curtains so that you can let in as much natural light as possible. If you don’t have a window, replace lightbulbs, perhaps adding brighter bulbs. If there’s no light at all, hang a battery-operated touch light

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