Is Curb Appeal The Key To Selling Your Newport Beach Home For Sale?

Quality high resolution photos showcased in the realtor’s window or online on there website is great, nonetheless, when you’re planning to sell your property, Newport Beach Realtors say there are a few essential tips to keep in mind to make sure your home has the ideal curb appeal.

What Exactly Is Curb Appeal?

First impressions really are EVERYTHING when it comes to displaying your property to potential home buyers. The first time that visitors get to your home, before they’ve even walked through the front door, potential Newport Beach, CA home buyers will be looking at external signs that say a good amount about what they are most likely to experience once they actually walk in.

For example, the way in which the sidewalk, yard, driveway and front entrance appear will ultimately make the lasting impression that truly matters – and you really want to it to be a great one.

Getting Started

An essential and thorough study of the outside of your home will assist you in identifying areas where improvements are needed. These might mean replacing aspects of the siding, repainting or just some extra cleaning. Our Newport Beach Real Estate Agents suggest that you pay close attention also to the roof of your home, as it’s quite easy to miss signs of wear that may downgrade those first impressions.

Putting In The Work

Newport Beach Realtors say; THINK pressure washing when it comes to those types of areas that would really get a facelift from being cleaned up. Now, this can include dirty decks and siding as well as grimy driveways. It’s quite seamless and kinda of affordable to rent a pressure washer if you don’t own one.

Prepare The Front Door The Right Way

Our Newport Beach Real Estate Agents say your home’s front entry is generally the main focus of curb appeal. Laguna Niguel Seller’s Agents say you should make a statement by giving your front door a blast of color with paint or by installing a custom wood door.

In addition, our Newport Beach Real Estate Agents recommend you clean off any dirty spots around the knob, and use metal polish on the door fixtures. Your entry should also reflect the home’s interior, so choose a swag or a wreath that reflects your personal style.

Windows and doors should shine. If your house number is ruined, our Newport Beach Real Estate Agents recommend that you polish it or replace it with a new one, so it is easily seen from the curb. Furthermore, you can also enhance your windows by throwing open shutters and raising blinds.

Moreover, it also helps if all your front window treatments are the same, for example attractive matching shutters on every window will draw the eye and intensify that curb appeal. Also keep in mind to create perfect symmetry. Symmetry is not only pleasing to the eye, it’s also the simplest to arrange.

Replace Old Hardware

Our Newport Beach Relators say that the entry door lockset, a wall-mounted mailbox, and an overhead light fixture are all perfect elements that can add style and interest to your home’s exterior curb appeal.

These elements add the most drastic appeal when they function together, rather than as mix-and-match pieces. In addition, our Newport Beach Real Estate Agents say that oiled-bronze finishes suit conventional homes, while brushed nickel suits more contemporary ones.

Simple Extras

Outdoor lighting makes a BIG impact on your home’s curb appeal while also providing safety and security. Furthermore, fixtures can add accent lighting to trees or the house and can illuminate a walking path.

Additionally, our Newport Beach Realtors say that molding acts like an architectural eyeliner when applied to the sides and top of a doorway, particularly using two different colors to make a entrance POP.

Planting For Pleasure

For an incredible splash of color make the most of flowerbeds, window boxes and containers on your porch, according to the space you have available. It’s so easy to find low maintenance plants that will bloom for most of the year and even if you are working to a budget these are very affordable.

Our Newport Beach Real Estate Agents suggest you add contrast and color with a new planting bed. Moreover, our Laguna Niguel Realtors say that the perfect spots for curb appeal are at the front corners of the yard, along driveways or walkways, and right away in front of the house.

When creating a new bed, select features that will frame your home rather than obscure it. Opt for stone or precast-concrete blocks to edge the bed. In addition, make sure to include a mix of plant size, color, and texture for optimal results.

Things such as decorative fences and garden gates and even outdoor art are all ways to enhance the front garden experience for your guests.

Good To Go

Something as simple as a new welcome mat at the front door will also help create a well cared for effect! Once you have tidied up, then you and your realtor should take shots of your home for those glossy photos.

These are just a few tips to assist with getting some ideas for enhancing your curb appeal, and if you’re intrigued to hear about MANY MORE ways to give your property a facelift in order to get more R.O.I (Return On Investment), and without putting to much of a dent in your wallet.

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