Reasons Hiring a Mover is the Correct Decision

When Rob and Jill seen the two-story Victorian home perched on its silent, tree-lined road, it was love at first sight. Walking up the front steps felt just like coming home to a place they’d lived in forever.

They made an offer that night and after the endurance test that was their race to final, the happy pair breathed a deep sigh of relief. This could be the perfect house for their future children to grow up in, it had an adorable breakfast nook with a built-in booth, what more could they want?

As they drifted off to sleep on closing day, the keys for their new home in the bowl near the mattress, Rob checked the alarm one last moment. The movers would be there early and they had to be up and ready to go to get the most out of their extra help.

Hire Movers to Save Money and Ease the Pain of Moving

There are a whole lot of reasons that couples enjoy Rob and Jill decide to hire movers instead of handling their move themselves. Limitations on time, physical abilities or labor can tremendously influence that decision, however that shouldn’t be the end of it. Movers can help homeowners in other ways, too.

Below, we’ve made a list of the greatest reasons we think hiring a mover is the right option no matter if your move is across the road or across the country.

You’ll have the ideal amount of labor available. There’s no last minute call coming from your movers saying that they’re really sorry, but something’s come up and they’re not going to be able to assist you proceed after all.

They’re coming because you’re paying them and that’s their occupation, so you don’t have to think about scrambling at the last minute for a fourth man or be doomed for moving purgatory where it seems like you will not ever finish with this dreadful movement.

Their experience has cultivated unmatched speed. Hey, you’re probably a great packer and mover, but you don’t pack and transfer individuals each and every day. Your moving team is practiced, and like any machine, can do their job in a fraction of the time you might need to allot to a machine that’s only occasionally asked to help carry a sofa up a few flights of stairs.

Tools, tools, tools. If you have been alive for very long, you’ve probably transferred yourself a few times already, using nothing but your brute strength, box tape and adrenaline. As it happens, there are lots of resources of the trade for movers and your professionals actually have the full arsenal at their disposal.

From basic tools like specialty dollies to fancy cranes that can move your really heavy stuff throughout second story windows, there’s nothing your movers can’t proceed with considerable ease.

If something breaks, it’s going to be fixed. Moving companies are guaranteed, and so are the possessions. One of the worst parts of having your friends help move is knowing that Kevin is going to break something, usually a priceless family heirloom.

Kevin, man. That Kevin. Well, your moving company did not hire Kevin, however even if they do happen to have an accident, you’ll be compensated for the reduction — that’s a whole lot better than Kevin’s empty promises to buy pizza after he has managed to destroy the only photo you have left of your grandmother. Kevin!

Movers know how to deal with small doors. First time homebuyers are often not aware of what they’ve gotten themselves into having an older house. Along with those stunning hardwood floors and the detailed trim, you have probably got some really narrow doorways. Modern homes have lavish 32-to 36-inch outdoor doors, however your Craftsman or Victorian stone may have a 29-inch or other non-standard and difficult to handle door dimensions.

It is fine for walking through, but can be tricky if you are moving in a sofa or a big refrigerator. Don’t worry, though, your movers have done this a few days before — they know just how to take your stuff apart so it is going to fit (and it is going to go back together again!) .

Avoiding costly injuries. Even if you’re in great shape and determined to handle your move yourself, there’s one last thing you really must think about: injuries. You may be in prime shape for moving, but are your friends? Is someone going to drop a cooker on your own foot and break your toe?

Seriously, just how far do you expect these guys from work? A current study funded by the National Institute of Health examined the expenses of Emergency Room visits and, not surprisingly, discovered they had been fairly pricey.

For the most part, sprains and strains cost $1498 to treat, open wounds of extremities price $1650 and back problems price $1467. And that’s not even counting whatever time you are going to have to take off of work to recuperate or any follow-up visits.

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