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The Importance of Real Estate Agents

Photo via shutterstock.com In today’s society, the internet provides great tips to help you sell your house. Many are starting to feel that they are better off buying or selling a home on their own as opposed to using a real estate agent. However, real estate agents play an essential and helpful role in the housing market. Here are just

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Tips to Selling Your House Faster

Photo via Shutterstock.com According to a recent study by Zillow, it was discovered the best time to list a home for sale was on a Saturday between May 1st and 15th . However, in warmer climates the best time to sell a house can be anytime between March and April. While timing isn’t everything, it can definitely be an important

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Orange County Housing Market Summary: September 2016

Orange County Housing Market Summary Welcome to this months housing market update. The active listing inventory dramatically dropped in the past couple of weeks, shedding 254 homes, or 4%, and now totals 6,786, the first time below the 7,000 mark since June. The inventory will continue to drop through the end of the year. There are 19% fewer homes on

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