Thinking Of Repainting Your Home This Year?

There’s nothing like a postcard-fresh paint project on your home to make it look and feel brand new again, but it is unlikely you are going to require a new coat of paint every year. So how do you know when it’s time to repaint? Let’s walk through some of the greatest signs that it’s time to break out the buckets and brushes.

The Purpose of Paint

Although paint is wonderful to check at, and the color you choose definitely tells a story and lends a mood to the whole neighborhood, paint serves another very important function as a waterproof barrier. For many homes, especially the ones that are elderly, there’s very little standing between the siding and the living space.

This is why having a fantastic paint really matters. Paint waterproofs that siding, and helps prevent moisture from crossing from the outdoors inward. This, in turn, helps slow the damage period brings, such as wood rot and damage from insects drawn into a moist atmosphere. So even though it’s a wonderful thing to check atpaint is really one of the best defenses against the elements.

Painting isn’t confined to wooden siding, though. You can also paint many types of siding considered non-paintable with the right kind of preparation and primer. So, if your house is covered in a horrific color of vinyl siding, for example, all hope is not lost.

How to Tell It’s Time to Paint

Knowing when it is time to paint your house is as much an art as a science. There are definitely things you can search for that indicate the time is coming near, but you’ll also need to balance that with the cost and effort involved. Here are a few clear indicators to watch:

There’s chipping paint. Most people today understand that chipping paint is a sign it is probably about time to start contemplating a paint project. But there’s a fine line between a tiny bit of acceptable flaking and serious chipping. If you are only noticing a few very small flakes falling off here and there, you ought to be working on choosing a new color, but you don’t necessarily need to prevent everything to get to painting. On the other hand, if large chips of paint are shedding off in multiple places, you’ve probably waited too long.

Your waterproofing is failing. If your paint no more keeps water from soaking into your siding, and instead it appears to be absorbing more water, your own waterproofing has failed. Generally, you want water to bead up in your siding, then work its way down and on the ground. If the paint is so far gone that your siding is soaking up rainwater, a paint project is required ASAP. Waiting risks further, more significant damage.

There’s damage. Visible siding damage is a good indication it is time to paint. After all, after you have fixed the holes in the siding created by woodpeckers, or by falling trees during storms, you will want to guarantee the paint matches.

Sometimes you can get away with just painting that side of the house, but large patches or siding replacements will usually not match existing paint, even if you use the same bucket. UV light breaks down the pigments fast; just how quickly depends upon the colors you have chosen.

You are ready for a change. Look, you can paint your house just because you hate the color. It is totally legit and, frankly, can be a much easier procedure than painting to deal with damage or worn out paint. Just make sure you’re preparing the surface just like you would for a coat of paint meant for a repair so it’ll adhere properly.

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