Tips On Selling Your Home in the Off Season

A majority of Real Estate Agents will often tell you that spring and summer are traditionally seen as the best times to sell your house. Research has actually shown that homes sold during the first half of May tend to sell faster and sell for a higher average price than house sales at any other time of the year.

Once you get into fall and winter, our Real Estate Agents say that generally buyer competition does not seem as fierce and average prices start to go down. Now this does not necessarily mean you can not sell during the off season, of course; it just means that you need to try and maximize the value of your home to get the most out of your property.

There Are Always Buyers

Our agents say that even though it is the off season during that time, there will always be someone out there who’s looking to buy a home. There are conventionally fewer home sales during the fall and winter, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. It’s easy to assume that you’ll have to take what you can get if you find someone who’s interested, but that’s definitely not always the case.

While there’s a high chance that you’re a motivated seller if you’re selling during the off season, keep in mind that a handful of home buyers are motivated as well. It’s true that you might not get as much out of your home as you would near the beginning of summer, but don’t think that you’re necessarily going to have to settle either.

Aggressive Pricing Strategies

With that being the case, you’re more likely to sell right away if you’re more aggressive with your pricing strategy than you would be during the summer. Don’t price your home for less than it’s actually worth – but cut a little closer to its actual value than you might otherwise.

Our Real Estate Agents highly suggest that you determine the actual value of the home and what you need to get from the sale, then add a little more to the total to give yourself some wiggle room for negotiations.

As a result, this lets you showcase the home as a pretty great deal and still yield a bit to the buyer, convincing them that they really are getting a great deal on the property and need to make the purchase prior to somebody else coming along.

Appearance Does Matters

Our Real Estate Agents say it’s always crucial to have your house appearing its best when you’re trying to make a sale, but our Realtors say it is even more crucial during the off season. This can be a chore, especially if you have trees dropping leaves all over the yard, but it’s worth it.

If at all possible, your home should be the one that stands out from the neighborhood because it has fresher paint, a neater lawn, cleaner windows and any other adjustments you can make to help improve its overall look. Our Real Estate Agents say the more you can just simply wow potential buyers, the more likely they are to actually buy.

Take Out the Clutter

If you’re in the process of packing while trying to sell your home, take any boxes and anything that’s ready to go and get it out of the house and into a storage unit or elsewhere.

The very same goes for most of the clutter that we build up in our daily lives. When a potential buyer comes to look at the house you should ideally have everything pared down to some basic furniture, standard amenities and perhaps a few picture frames or other personal items that are tastefully presented around the house.

You want buyers to see the house for its beauty and be able to picture their lives there, not to see how the house looks overflowing with your life.

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