Tips On Using Alexa & Google Home: Voice Control Over Your Living Space

Our Coto De Caza Real Estate Agents are consistently finding that the ability to voice control different aspects of your home with a smart speaker such as Alexa & Google Home is constantly increasing in demand — evidence that smart home technology is permanently. Take a look:

  • 39 million American adults own a smart speaker—that’s 1 in 6.
  • The number of Americans who own a smart speaker has increased 128 percent since January 2017.
  • It’s predicted that 70 percent of households will have a smart speaker by the year 2020.2

Learn How Americans Are Using Smart Speakers

There’s a handful of things you can do with a smart speaker. Even though smart speakers give you the opportunity to voice control your TV and how you choose programming, 30 percent of smart speaker owners say their smart speaker is replacing time spent with the TV.

On average, 71 percent of Americans with a smart speaker report they are listening to more audio such as podcasts, talk radio, and news programming.

And that’s no coincidence  — 66 percent of smart speaker owners want the devices to help decrease time in front of the television and improve upon the quality of family and friend time.

As a result, they’re using smart speakers to ask questions, play games, tell jokes, get weather reports and sports scores, and play music.Alexa & Google Home gives you hands-free control of your lights, locks, thermostats, and home security, making it seamless to stay secure and comfortable in your smart home.

Additionally, smart speakers are even changing the way people use their phones. With the addition of a smart speaker home, 44 percent of users discovered they are using voice control with their phone more than they were in the past, they were getting a smart home speaker.

The Strength Of Google Assistant to Control Your Home

But the Google smart speaker lineup — Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Max—does a lot more than perform tricks such as playing your favorite song, setting a timer, or answering that bit of trivia that has everyone in the house stumped.

Moreover, the Google Home also links to other smart devices enabling voice control over multiple aspects of your home like lighting, temperature, and locks. Furthermore, it can even link to your kitchen appliances — imagine using voice commands for your dishwasher, stove, washer or dryer.

Even your air conditioner can be voice controlled with a Google Home. Today, Google is making headlines with its Google Assistant — the digital interface you communicate with when interacting with a Google Home.

Google Home now supports more than 5,000 smart devices. That’s an increase of 3,500 compatible devices since January 2018. That offers consumers an assortment of options for what they can do with the voice control of Google Home in and around their homes.

Voice Control With Google Home

Intriguing enough, 64 percent of users say they bought smart home speakers as part of smart home integration efforts so they can control smart devices in their homes

To control your Smart Home, all you need to say is, “Alexa” or “Hey, Google,” and then speak the command you would like to give your system. For example, “Alexa. Turn on my lights in the living room.”

Below is a list of Google Home voice commands you can use to control your Smart Home:

  • Turn on my lights
  • Dim my lights
  • Lock my front door
  • Arm my security system “stay” (coming soon!)
  • Arm my security system “away” (coming soon!)
  • Set my heat to 70 degrees
  • Set my AC to 72 degrees
  • Turn the heat up two degrees
  • Close my garage door

Yes, you can use your Alexa or Google Home to connect a variety of devices throughout your home. But that means you’re connecting with each gadget individually on multiple platforms and managing a variety of apps to keep these devices linked to your other smart devices and functioning the right way.

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