Upgrades That Can Help You Sell Quickly: Tips for Homeowners

A tight housing market places a premium on anything you can do to help your home look attractive and sell quickly. You could invest heavily in eye-popping modifications that’ll turn your home into a showplace — and possibly make it hard to recoup your investment when you sell — or you could opt for do-it-yourself upgrades that’ll get a buyer’s attention without overspending. There are many ways to affordably boost a property’s saleability. Once you’ve determined what you need to do, establish a competitive asking price with your realtor that gives you the best chance of earning a profit.


Some parts of your home will show wear and tear but aren’t immediately visible or apparent. Remember, buyers will peer carefully into every nook and cranny, so don’t overlook features like the baseboards, which sustain damage that can be easy to overlook if you’re a homeowner. Chips, cracks, scratches, and dents are common signs of baseboard wear and need to be addressed before showing off your home. You can patch small cracks or holes with wood filler that can be sanded and covered with paint or finish. If a gap is showing, simply re-caulk the top of the trim to the wall. Drive nails flush with the trim board with a nail punch.     


Tile flooring is a beautiful feature, and it’s very popular with home buyers these days. If yours has some age on it, look for telltale signs of aging such as cracks and chips that might draw a buyer’s attention. Replace any tiles that are showing imperfections because wear and tear will only worsen tile that’s cracked or chipped. Doing so is a good way to keep a tile floor looking clean and attractive. Even if you have new tile, you’ll want to make sure it’s being cleaned properly; there are vacuums available that specialize in cleaning tile floors.

Kitchen Flooring

If that old laminate flooring in the kitchen is looking a little yellowed, it’s probably time to think about replacing it with something a little more appealing. Consider going with tile or vinyl plank flooring, the latter of which is an affordable and durable alternative. Best of all, it’s easy to install because it “floats,” meaning it can be installed directly on top of vinyl or tile. It’s a great way to give your kitchen the classic appeal of wood flooring.

Tear Up That Old Carpeting

Home buyers these days are showing little interest in wall-to-wall carpeting. If your carpeting is worn and frayed, consider tearing it up and laying down an engineered hardwood floor, which is longer-lasting and more scratch-resistant than standard hardwood. It may seem like an intimidating project, but new flooring is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value and getting it into shape to sell fast.

Stage the Home

Planning for an open house typically involves staging the home. You’ll want to get both the interior and exterior of the home ready to show to potential buyers in order to increase your chances of selling your home quickly and at a higher price. To do this, a few preparations will need to be done, including decluttering every room to highlight the home’s square footage and giving the home a good deep cleaning. You should also take care of any repairs such as leaky faucets or broken appliances. Finally, don’t forget to address the exterior of the home — clean the walkways, fix any doors or light fixtures if needed, and make sure the lawn and landscaping are spruced up.

Article Courtesy Of: Suzie Wilson at Happier Home

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