Who Pays What In A Coto De Caza Real Estate Transaction?

There are a variety of services required to close a real estate transaction and some fees that may apply. “Who pays what in a Coto De Caza real estate transaction” is dictated by the traditions and practices in each area, and varies from state to state (and even county to county). FHA and VA loans may also have some different rules and procedures.

Here is a general guide to Coto De Caza area fees. Remember, many items in the real estate contract are negotiable.

Coto De Caza Home Sellers

  • Real estate commission as specified in listing agreement or sales contract
  • Any applicable city, county or real property transfer taxes
  • The payoff of all loans in the seller’s name including:
  • Principal balance plus interest
  • Any demand, reconveyance or other fees
  • Prepayment penalties and preparation of documents
  • Any judgments, tax liens, etc. against the seller
  • Any unpaid property tax amount at the time of transfer
  • Any unpaid homeowner association dues
  • Any bonds or assessments (if specified in the contract)
  • Any delinquent taxes
  • Termite inspection and/or work (if specified in the contract)
  • Home warranty (if specified in the contract)
  • Notary fees, if applicable
  • One-half of the escrow or sub-escrow fees (if customary in your area)
  • Title insurance premium (if customary in your area)
  • Recording charges to clear all documents of record against seller

It’s critical to always remember a variety of items in the real estate contract are negotiable. It’s wise to work with a savvy local Coto De Caza real estate team when planning to buy or sell real estate.

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